A special camera tracks the reader’s exact eye movements which makes the sound experience adapt to the reader’s style of reading.

At Isle Audio, we aim to create a new way of reading books by adding an immersive sound experience to literature. We focus on composing high quality audio content. Furthermore, we provide authors and readers alike with new tools: A set of creative possibilities helps to create an immersive reading experience.


In March 2017, our first prototype of the aBook was presented in the WDR programme “Einfach Genial”. This video gives you a taste of the novel reading experience with eye tracking.



David Hill studied "Music Design" at Musikhochschule Trossingen. He will start his master studies of “Music Informatics” at Karlsruhe Music University in the fall. Since 2012, he has worked on sound and code for interactive applications, multi-channel audio installations, films and games.

ISLE AUDIO Grischa Kursawe

Grischa Kursawe studied "Music Design" at Musikhochschule Trossingen. Since the completion of his first bachelor’s degree in education, he primarily works as a mixing/mastering engineer, producer and sound artist.

ISLE AUDIO Markus Marschall

Markus Marschall studied Industrial Design at the State Academy of Arts in Stuttgart. Before his Diploma he worked for several studios as Porsche Design, Festo and the IF Group. He specialised in UX- and UI-Design.